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Anti-Patterns, version 1 low-res & still in work

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Anti-pattern card deck.version-1. Low res
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Pattern cards
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These are the anti-pattern cards originally developed by students in the Social Imagination and Civic Intelligence program at The Evergreen State College in the spring of 2014. Adam Selon developed the original concept and Justin Wagaman and others have been refining it as part of their work with the Civic Intelligence Research and Action Laboratory. These are still in work. Also the actual cards are higher resolution. Contact us for the higher resolution cards.

Civics of Modern Media

As the means of communication have changed over the course of American history, so has the way public discourse has been carried out. National radio was a revolution that could put the voice of the president in every living room across the nation for fireside chats. With the rise of television, the firm jaw of Walter Cronkite could relay the facts as millions of viewers tuned in every night.

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Tor Even Mathisen - CC: A, NC, SA
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