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CIRAL Web Space

The creation of a living body of knowledge that is easily accessible and updateable is an important component of CIRAL.  By creating this space on the Public Sphere Project, the Liberating Voices pattern language can be easily incorporated into the work to facilitate the sense of shared vision CIRAL is striving for.

Project Goals: 
Become a centralized online space for the work of CIRAL
Facilitate project design and coordination
Host action and research results to form a growing body of knowledge

Open North

Organization's slogan: 
Open North is a Canadian non-profit that builds online tools to make democracy better.

Open North is a Canadian non-profit that builds online tools to make democracy better. We believe that the internet has the power to transform democratic engagement. It provides a platform for citizens to connect with each other and their elected officials. It opens the door to new models of consultation and decision-making. It enables fresh conversations between journalists and citizens. We're building the tools to make that happen.

We help governments involve citizens in decision-making through the internet. Online consultations and collaborations can reach a larger and more diverse group of citizens than traditional methods. When properly curated, they give participants more information to understand the factors involved in a decision.

We work with journalists to collect and analyze the data they need to break stories. Our role in these projects is to help reporters and citizens see the trends and narratives in government data so they can take action. We design visualizations and interactive features that inform, engage and entertain.

Read more about our work with government, journalists and citizens.

Year the organization was founded: 
Organizational engagement: 
Organization's headquarters: 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Organization's geographic focus: 
Contact person: 
James McKinney
Contact information:

Civics of Modern Media

As the means of communication have changed over the course of American history, so has the way public discourse has been carried out. National radio was a revolution that could put the voice of the president in every living room across the nation for fireside chats. With the rise of television, the firm jaw of Walter Cronkite could relay the facts as millions of viewers tuned in every night.

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Tor Even Mathisen - CC: A, NC, SA
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