Society on the Social Impacts of Technology

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SSIT is a community that engages some of the world’s experts on technology and its impact, but also philosophers, lawyers, ethicists, policy makers, professors — in general people who take and active interest in where humanity and emerging technologies are headed and can interact
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SSIT is a society within IEEE. They publish Technology and Society magazine. Their work focuses on five pillars: (1) sustainable development; (2) ethics/human values; (3) universal access; (4) societal impacts; and (5) protecting the planet. From their web site: 

2017 has been a productive year for SSIT, with new student branches being established in Region 9 and Region 10 and a new chapter established in Region 9. The IEEE SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT has also been very active during 2017, supporting digital literacy efforts in health clinics in Northern Ethiopia, Western Kenya, Southern Malawi and Eastern Cape, South Africa. Greg Adamson, SSIT Past President has been actively involved in leading IEEE Ethics related activities, and Laura Edelson, former SSIT President has just completed a two year term as Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee.

2018 looks even more exciting for SSIT with the establishment of at least three new chapters currently under preparation in IEEE-USA (Region 1-6), and the expected extension of existing SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT activities to health clinics in Namibia. I am honoured to have been appointed 2018 Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee.

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[from their web site] Social Implications of Technology continues to need the help of SSIT members to become active volunteers. This is particularly important in relation to supporting the reinvigoration of existing chapters as well as establishment of new chapters around the world. We also need your contribution to the work of SSIT committees, including SSIT’s Five Pillars, and in particular, SSIT Young Professionals and SSIT’s Standards Committee which have been very active since their establishment a few months ago. We are also looking for talent with a strong track record of active SSIT volunteer leadership (particularly at chapter level) to put their names forward for consideration for future election to the SSIT Board of Governors. Finally, we have recently launched a fund raising campaign to strengthen and scale SSIT activities, both locally and globally. Please inform yourself about the objectives of this campaign, and recommend support to family and friends.