New Community Networks
Wired For Change
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NCN Chapter Abstracts


1__ Community and Technology—A Marriage of Necessity

Chapter 1 Reader Response Form

§ The Primacy of Community

§ A Call for a New Community

§ Actions for the New Community

§ Building Community Technology

§ What is a Community Network?

§ Towards a Marriage of Community and Technology


2 __Conviviality and Culture

Chapter 2 Reader Response Form

§ Threads of Community

§ The Social Atmosphere

§ First Step: The Great Good Place

§ Beyond the Great Good Place

§ Agenda for Action


3 __Education

Chapter 3 Reader Response Form

§ What is Education For?

§ Institutionalized Education

§ Individualized Education

§ Computer Networks and Education

§ A Community of Learning

§ Education for Human Needs

§ Commitment for the Future‹Linking Hope and Struggle

§ Agenda for Action


4 __Strong Democracy

Chapter 4 Reader Response Form

§ Democracy in Decline

§ Rebuilding the Democratic Process

§ Community Networks and Strong Democracy

§ Community Networks and Citizen Participation

§ Agenda for Action


5__Health and Well-Being

Chapter 5 Reader Response Form

§ Healthy Communities

§ Technology¹s Role in Health Care

§ Health Is a Community Concern

§ Helping Communities Within Communities

§ Environmental Justice and Injustice

§ Agenda for Action


6 __Economic Equity, Opportunity, and Sustainability

Chapter 6 Reader Response Form

§ The Impact of Technology

§ The Economic Perspective

§ A Critique of Contemporary Economic Practice

§ Community Networks‹A Platform for Change

§ New and Improved Economic Institutions 202 Agenda for Action


7__ Information and Communication

Chapter 7 Reader Response Form

§ Communication and Technology

§ A View of Today¹s Media

§ A View of New Media

§ Images and Effects

§ Reclaiming Media for Communities

§ Media Control/Media Messages

§ New and Alternative Voices

§ Agenda for Action


8__ Social Architecture

Chapter 8 Reader Response Form

§ Social Relationships

§ The Community Network

§ The Community-Network Organization

§ Individuals and Organizational Participants

§ Non-Participants

§ Other Community-Network Service Providers

§ Influencing Organizations

§ Infrastructure Providers and Other Commercial Service Providers

§ Conclusions


9__ Technological Architecture

Chapter 9 Reader Response Form

§ Basic Components of a Community Network

§ Community-Network User

§ Community-Network Software

§ Community-Network Hardware

§ Community-Network Delivery Channels

§ Conclusions


10_Developing and Sustaining Community Network

Chapter 10 Reader Response Form

§ Evolution of a Community Network

§ Establishing a Group

§ Organizing and Planning

§ Inaugurating the Community Network

§ Running the Network

§ Implementing Projects and Programs

§ Building Strategic Alliances

§ Evaluating Community Networks

§ Long-Term Impact and Sustainability

§ Conclusions


11 _Direction and Implications

Chapter 11 Reader Response Form

§ The Future of Democratic Technology

§ Corporate and Governmental Imperatives

§ Shaping the New Technology

§ Information Issues for the Future

§ Technology Directions

§ The Great Experiment


Appendix A: Organizations

Appendix B: Community-Network Electronic Resources

Appendix C: Community Networks

Appendix D: Seattle Community Network Documents

Appendix E: Community-Network Technology

Appendix F: Notes on Community-Wide Projects


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