True Pro Family Policies

Group Name: 
PTPH Group 4
Hannah Moats
Jerome Wilen

Women supposedly have a choice to keep or terminate pregnancies. But do we really? Our society is structured in ways which promote male-oriented policies. These structures do now allow pregnancies to be anything other than career inhibiting, economically arresting, and eliminating of a women’s ability to continue or complete her education. It is time to implement approaches which encourage women to pursue pregnancy, should they desire it.

These programs should include:
paid maternity leave,
reduced costs for pregnancy, natal, and toddler medical care,
reduced costs for childcare
safer and more varied childcare options
programs which realistically allow for women to pursue their education while the parent of a young child or infant.
encouraging adoption as an option for pregnant individuals and for individuals wishing to become parents.
encouraging the placement and support of foster children.
When possible, encouraging the involvement of fathers and extended family in early childcare.

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