Inspired Environments

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Francesca Longtin-Cabraser
The Evergreen State College
Space Matters

Much of our working lives are spent inside. Many of the environments which are meant to produce creative thought, are not conducive to creative or inspired thinking. The environments we work in affect the outcome of our work and the outcome of our health.


Environments which inspire people and are conducive to healthy living and healthy thinking will result in better problem solving, better tangible outcomes, healthier bodies and minds, and a more enjoyable environment that one wants to be in. Dark unnatural lighting, lack of plants and fresh air, blocked up cubicles, beige walls, chairs, and desks. All of this does not lead the way to healthy or creative living or thinking. The environment we occupy has a powerful effect on our moods, our minds, and our outcomes.
Take for example the Senate floor, a room where our countries biggest decisions are decided. There is no natural lighting, no open air, no plants, nothing to let the mind breathe. No wonder we get beating the same broken drum. No wonder why it is so hard for the men and women in that room to be open to new and innovative ideas. I am not saying that an open window, some sunshine, and a few ferns is going to make our country more forward thinking. No those things alone won't work, but being open to changing an environment is the first step in being open to changing an attitude. If these people were happier and more creative in their work they may be more open to listening to the country, to each other, and themselves.


Clean, healthy, happy, creative environments where they are most needed. Lots of light, open composition of furniture and walls, fresh air, plant life, and creative (not distracting) paint or decorations. Understanding that healthy humans and healthy minds live in healthy environments.

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