Wednesday, April 3: Met with Doug, Brylie and James to establish working relationships. Some confusion. Some imbalance of power. Sense that it will take some time to sort it all out. Very excited about the possibilities. Remembering I am also a teacher.

Wednesday, April 3: Attended first CIRAL session. Super inspiring. Happy to see a few familiar faces. Amazed that everyone isn't talking about the work going on here. I feel I have stumbled into an incredible opportunity. The 3CP will have a home...and perhaps so do I for this quarter. At least a home away from home.

Sunday, April 7: Set up meeting with James and Brylie for 12:00-1:00 Wednesday to review progress in advance of CIRAL meeting.

Monday, April 8: Lots of spam coming in through the 3CP. Need to trouble shoot.

Monday, April 8: Cancelled noon meeting due to scheduling conflict. Meeting instead at 4:00pm right before CIRAL for a brief update.