Activity Report #1 - week one & two



January 7th I went down to the archives to meet with Randy Stiltson. I was curious about a few things:

First, I was trying to learn about student research projects that have been conducted in the past. With the help of Randy I found a treasure trove. Unfortunately, the documents are not shared with the greater community because of FERPA a Higher Education Privacy Act. Because I work with Alumni Programs Randy gave me the list of all students who wrote a research project. Now I am working on creating an intake form and contacting all alumni to get consent to digitize their research projects.

Secondly, I was curious about past publications that functioned as a tool to introduce students to Evergreen and its values, intentions, and aspirations. I learned more about the Evergreen Bulletins, supplement, and various other publications. Because of spending such publications had been dropped. I plan to curate a hybrid handbook that draws from the Disorientation manual and these past documents.

January 8th The following day I went back down to meet up with Randy, to check in. In addition to the two above projects I plan to produce a pamphlet about Evergreen's Archive.

January 9th On wednesday we met for our first day of class. In addition I attended the first Geoduck Student Union and made a public statement requesting they be more transparent with their actions, more consistent with their communications, and more accessible/interactive with the student community. They acknowledged these issues and have agreed to participate in the Evergreen Revival Dinner Series I have been hosting at my house. Additionally, I met with Amy and Tom, staff of S&A, and talked to them about the abundance of stuff packed away at the school, unused. I offered to catalog such materials so that the community could begin to utilize the resources. I was met with encouragement and asked to meet with Tom Mercado on Thursday after work.

As a side note I got accepted into a Stats 1 (class) from 6-10 wed. nights. This class will develop my statistical literacy and support me in my intention to better understand large scale issues.

January 10th I met with Tom M of Student Activities at 4 where we talked about a variety of things: the disorientation manuals, past student clubs – how they worked and what they did, the rise and fall of student clubs, campus issues and possible resolutions. Specifically he is interested hosting a R2E with successful alumni who are redefining/inviting in alternative narratives to our dominant culture.

January 11th In Seattle I met up with fellow steering board committee members working on a traveling photo-exhibit. In general I will be conducting interviews and providing supportive research on the project in addition to being on the board. The project was put together by APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance) Seattle through a matching grant with the Seattle Neighborhood committee. The 

 I've started to read Spirit Level. A statistical book that explores the social and health issues related to inequality.