Activity Report 4/2/14- 5/14/14

This activity report is for the majority of of the Spring quarter since I have failed to complete weekly updates. Most of each of the weeks are similar. On the weekly meeting days of the Community Health/Evergreen Revival clusters, I have been participating in their joint project, the Evergreen Community Health Analysis. This project has been making significant progress on both sides. One side being the qualitative study/interviews, and the other being a quantitative analysis of existing data. The majority of my time has been dedicated to my continuing project from Winter quarter, the New Education Think Tank Project. I have presented it to my tribe early in this quarter, and they seem to be on board. I have also presented this to the Marysville school district superintendent, the district that's intertwined with our tribe, and she was incredibly excited about it, fully supporting the project. I have also attended a Native American education convention and talked to many key persons of indigenous education in the state of Washington. The results being mostly positive, and none being negative. I currently have a meeting set up with another key person that's the head of education of the eastern Washington tribes. Still working closely with a former chair member of the Makah tribe, I plan on paying visits to the rest of the tribes of Washington state who have not been represented in any of the meetings I have attended.