Activity report weeks 3 and 4.

Week 4

Had a meeting with Joseph McGuire production manager of KSVR FM. Gave me paperwork to submit the proposal for the show. Explained to him that the idea is to create a public interest bilingual talk show where the concepts of civic intelligence will be explained, discussed and applied to the current situations of the hispanic community of the Skagit Valley. Left CIRAL documentation for him and Mr. Robbins (general manager of the station), so they have a better understanding of the idea.

Mr. McGuire let me know I have to take a volunteer training at the station before we discuss the planning of the show.


Week 5

Called Mr. McGuire to find out if the show was approved, he said I still need to talk to Mr. robbins, but unfortunately he is out of town again. Mr. McGuire also said we will start the training as a KSVR volunteer by the end of the week. Meanwhile I'm selecting the most appropiate patterns to discuss on the shows.