In this online workshop, we will explore one way for climate action initiatives to discover and strengthen their connections: applying the Liberating Voices pattern language to the thriving ecosystem of climate initiatives around the world. Patterns in the Liberating Voices pattern language  are activities that have been applied by activists and others who are working for social change. They are practice-based combinations of knowledge and action that are general enough so that they can be used over and over again but not in the same way twice. The patterns in a pattern language are also intended to be used together. Citizen Science and Earth’s Vital Signs (both patterns from the Liberating Voices pattern language), for example, can work together since doing Citizen Science may inform our knowledge of Earth’s Vital Signs, which itself can be used to suggest directions for more sustainable policies. Our intent is to focus on but not limit ourselves to the Seattle "climate action ecosystem", including  the various efforts by a great diversity of people and institutions from the neighborhood to the city to the state, country and beyond. After all, what works in Seattle may also work in Cleveland, Kentucky, The Netherlands, or Bangladesh— and vice versa.