C & B

Crash and Burn... pretty much

Although I did look at the pattern and anti-pattern languages I did not enter anything/add/change. I spent what little time I had last week. looking up definitions and brainstorming how it should look and sound. I also looked at possible examples for the patterns that Adam and I are working on. All and all... I feel that I wasn't very tangibly productive. I spent my time on the concepts but never put anything down.

Furthermore I have decided that I will stay till, at least, 8 every wednesday for the rest of the quarter.

Going forward I will bring things up to par as best as can before next wednesday... there will be definite changes to the patterns and anti-patterns. This will and has been another busy week for both classes. Have 9 to 5 Saturday and Sunday for other class. Will make it happen though. sacrifice, sacrifice.... lol. But seriously.. I got this.