CIRAL Activity Report #7


February 20th, Wednesday– The GSU met for a very heated conversation about amendment 3.6 and the role of student fees. The conclusion was an agreement to establish a committee focused on exploring the issue. Afterwards some GSU members and the “public” met. In the hallway we checked in about intentions and what had unfolded in the meeting. Three GSU members agreed

February 21st, Thursday– Work Party for Revival

February 22nd Friday– Today I met APALA members at the Wind Luke Museum; we explored the photo galleries, drawing inspiration and context for our traveling photo exhibit. What Seattle Asian stories are already told? What portion of the story will we tell, and how does it relate? And what are our formatting/gallery options?  Afterwards we gathered to discuss logistics. This week I’ll work on logistical aspects of the photo shooting: gallery sites, contacting photographers (Tien & Dean Won), and exploring formatting options. Additionally, I will be presenting our project at the Association of Asian American Studies on April 18th through APALA.

February 23nd Saturday– Networked with local anarchists around Grand Jury and May 1st issues. Trying to find points of overlap with their intentions and ours. Planning co-operative event for spring.

February 24th Sunday – On Sunday night folks from across campus gathered once again for Revival. Again we had another incredible event. We established a committee. Identified our Passion Project – 4th floor. And have begun to plan a spring forum. With that the Committee will meat every week now.

February 25th Monday– Finally too sick to be productive and missed the DTF meeting :(

February 26th Tuesday– Partook in my first planning committee for the Coal Trains.