CiralCast Activity Update

This is a cumulative activity report for my personal activity and for the CiralCast project. I slacked off and haven't put the weekly updates until this week so I'm going to try to catch up here.


Week 1: Introduction to various clusters, sat with the games cluster and checked out the game review process and exchanged contact information.

Week 2: Spent more time with the games cluster, got access to the games cluster review process.

Week 3:  I think is was around this time that the podcast (ciralcast) idea was kicked around and with the support from assorted clusters and peers it started to take shape.

Week 4: On the 24th of April we arrived ready to record our firt CiralCast. 

Week 5: Started working with some musicians to get some music to add to the CiralCast and start working on the post production.

Week 6: Continuation and final touches of the first CiralCast, I still need to schedule a time with the CDAP cluster for the second CiralCast. 

Things to accomplish in the following weeks: Continue to support the games cluster as well as submit a game review. Publish the first CiralCast on publicsphere or other places that will allow it. Move forward with more CiralCast. I also want to create something that will allow future members of Ciral to pick up the CiralCast from where I left off.