I took the week to just work on my code and get some other design stuff in order. I have some back and forth going on with Mark from DemocracyLab about his nonprofit; he's interested in turning it into a technology shelter for open-source civic engagement applications and we've done some design for his site to support that. 

I'm trying to push out some styles for the forum on Civitas and doing some research into political sites with data in WA for the app. 

Courtney has contacted me about an iPad app I think for her work. 

I attended a meeting of activists downtown at Traditions who were interested in the fracking issue. Great group of multigenerational activists. Zoltan gave a talk along with Grace Bird, a Native American from Nisqually. I've said I'd do a website to help raise awareness for the cause for Dean but he hasn't got the content together yet.