East Tacoma Possible Model for Urban sustainability

Ulysses has attempted to intervene in the exisitng patterns of life that people have established in the urbanized settingo Tacoma Washington . The Green Infrastructure Challenge put on by the City of Tacoma to challenge Engineers, archtects and Universities to come up with innovative ideas to deal with STROMWATER afrom urban infrastructure led Ulysses to impose the idea of Civic  Intelligence to City Cgovernment and stakholders. The competition was geared only to talk about ideas of technological solutions to deal with environmental issues caused by existing human patterns of life mostly from degrading the environment to provide human habitats of uranban areas. Nearly all tems, with the exception of Ulysses team, presented ideas of how to deal with storm water through existing conventional methods.  Ulysses saw the opportunity to test the the current playfield by transgressing beyond typical norms and used his approach to set the stage for "community by design". He designed his concept around the inclusion of community in a holistic design to merge the environment and people in address their interdependence as a symbiotic gestrure. The presentation Ulysses showcased revealed Indegenous Infrastructure for the 21st centuray which touched on the most productive agriculture system ever recorded. The design system demonstracted the Natural and Scientific approach to design to tackle the current issues related to storm water but also included the Social and local economic and educational components of a Living Green Infrastructure. ULysses team did not win the competition but the that was not his goal. His goal was to make stakeholders accountable of their responsibility to act in the care of Earth, people and return of energy. As a result of his engangement, he has been given open invitations to further collaborate the ideas that communities such as Tacoma's could benefit from inclusive design.