Internet Rights & Principles Coalition

“Internet Rights and Principles” (IRP) is a Dynamic Coalition that has set out to make Rights on the Internet and their related duties, specified from the point of view of individual users, a central theme of the Internet Governance debate held in the IGF context.

Our mission is as follows:

* Bring awareness and promote fundamental human and civil rights and liberties on the internet;
* Identify ways in which these rights and liberties can be translated on the Internet, and evaluate the applicability of existing legislation;
* Promote the addressing of issues of human and civil rights in policy-making proposals by all stakeholders;
* Promote the specification of how the existing rights can be applied and what they practically imply in the context of new ICT technologies;
* Identify ways in which new rights and principles deriving from the innovations caused by the Internet can be defined, agreed and promoted when necessary;
* Seek to identify measures for the protection and enforcement of these rights;
* Seek to engage the various stakeholders within the Coalition’s mission and express the Coalition’s interest to work with them.

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