Invitation to join the Collective Intelligence for the Common Good Community / Network

Invitation to join the Collective Intelligence for the Common Good Community / Network

We would like to invite you to participate in a new research and action community network that focuses on Collective Intelligence for the Common Good. We hope that our collaborative efforts will help address our shared challenges.

Our first group event was a workshop in London in September, 2014 ( that 30 people attended. We now have an opportunity to publish our work in a journal and we are planning for other collaborations.

We plan to continue this work beyond these specific opportunities through a variety of approaches that are outlined in our Statement of Principles ( and, especially through engagement among our members. The Statement of Principles presents our commitment to engagement, multiplicity of perspectives and approaches, support and promotion of the integration of related efforts, and the actual design and implementation of socio-technological systems, media, policy, events, critiques, social actions, etc.

Our web site should be available in early 2015. Ultimately it will have links to the projects of our members as well as documents and news.

Members of our community / network are engaged in a wide number of projects including deliberative and systems, empirical research, policy development, community networks, etc. etc. By building on these efforts, we plan to explore and implement a variety of approaches towards lightweight coordination, in which relatively small efforts by all of us can result in big wins for all of us — and the greater public.

If you are interested in at least hearing about this work, the easiest way to proceed is to register on our email distribution site,