Liberating Voices Pattern Pool

Development approach: 
This is purely an online approach. The software was originally written in Perl by Scott Rose and it was introduced in 2001 (I think). Anybody could open an account and start entering their pattern ideas. The idea of "versions" (although this can be misleading) was added in, say, 2004 to support the development of different sets of patterns. So, the "pool" environment was established with a version number of 1 while the patterns that we used in the Liberating Voices book each has a version number of 2. We still plan to expand on that idea, partially through this new content type. We have now almost entirely migrated the original patterns, authors, etc. to the current Drupal-based environment.
Online capabilities: 
Patterns available online
People can contribute new patterns
People can edit the patterns they own
Design situation focus: 
Broad / Holistic
LV pattern version: