Online Elements

This group of patterns looks at using Cyberpower to further the work of CIRAL.  One goal of the Lab is to develop its own institutional Memory and Responsibility.  By developing an online database to catalog the past and present work of CIRAL and making it easily searchable current and future students can build on the work already done.  Future Design will be an important concept for developing the database in a way that will be useful for the long run.  Intermediate Technologies will also be an important consideration for preserving and developing institutional memory while the database is being developed in implemented.


The CIRAL database would ideally be expandable into an Online Community Service Engine that would help students at Evergreen outside of CIRAL and the organizations that partner with CIRAL.  This web component of CIRAL could provide a space for Online Deliberation, provide for Accesibility of Online Information to a wide range of people, and incorporate Open Source Search Technology to ensure that any interested party could participate in ongoing development of the site.