A Pattern Language For Community Gardens

Pattern Language Disclaimer: 
(1) The information for this pattern language is incomplete (and was not entered by somebody who worked on the project). (2) If you are the owner of this pattern language, let us know if you'd like to take ownership of this page.
Reported by: 
Douglas Schuler
Pattern language domain: 
Community garden development
Pattern language purpose: 
This pattern language was developed by Andrew Walter as his dissertation, the University of Georgia, Master of Landscape Architecture. This is a dissertation which can be found at http://www3.telus.net/public/a6a47567/CGpatternlang.doc
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Title (or Name)
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Current state: 
Patterns are placed in a viable order
General validation scheme: 
Validation through use
Development work status: 
Work has stopped (and is unlikely to restart)
General form: 
Online system
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Patterns available online
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Other comments: 
THE PATTERNS 1: A grid of rectangular beds within a more organic garden 2: A mixture of personal and communal beds 3: A participatory and changing aesthetic 4: A shaded seating area with a view of the garden 5: A mixture of large and small beds 6: A children's garden 7: Educational garden meetings 8: An attractive public face 9: Garden parties