Preserving the Natural World

 In our increasingly modern existence, we are constantly forced into compromises between our desire for development, or perhaps growth, and the natural world that exists in its seemingly endless complexity and beauty. For many of us, these compromises are invisible and rarely apparent unless they are drawn to our attention by various forms of media. It is ironic that this global reach of media has been made possible by significant instances of such compromise, the figurative short straw going to the natural world. 

Conversely, as we become more aware through this global community, we are increasingly responsible, in my opinion, as well as being potentially more equipped to mitigate  some of the consequences on nature and begin working towards a more symbiotic relationship with our planet. Many would argue that in the face of the gargantuan problems we face, we would only be fighting a futile battle. I believe that regardless of how we may affect our planet, we can never overcome the practically ineffable forces of nature and eventually it will have become necessary for nature in its apparent entirety to begin a new cycle. These problems should, therefore, be considered generationally relevant in that we should strive towards a better relationship with the natural world for our children and their children. My intention for this set of patterns is to define various aspects of preserving the natural world, so that it simplifies the process of approaching this important objective on different scales.


Within the context of civic intelligence and the global community, it has become increasingly possible to both appraise and affect what occurs in even far reaching parts of our world. For every process, particularly in a field such as conservation where there is often only limited financial remuneration, there is a need for champions who are devoted to one particular aspect of the task at large. In this day and age it is hardly a giant leap to envision that for every minor task there is a suitable protagonist at any given time: he or she just has to know where to be and the rest will follow.