Progress and such in Ciral activity

So...  I emailed Prateek about my idea of pattern language contribution. I am waiting to hear back from him -- in the meantime I will research some topics around my angle of approach-- as far as how I want it to look. I need to pick out an image as well.

We have been adding to the google doc for the game, but I think there is still some confusion on how it should go. It is moving, but slowly-- I will bring some thoughts to class for Wed -- Let's solidify this!

Other than that.... I  think i might end of with a 3 point fusion mini essay after this is all said and done... everthing I read, I and plugging it into what makes it civically intelligent-- I should start a draft soon. 

...going forward

First thing first... we need to solidify our proposal.

I will rumage info on how I want the PC to look.

At least have an outline of what I want ot write about in my essay

oh.. and find another game/book/film review to write up