Project Initiation: Open Source Governance

Project for creating a kind of 'WikiPedia' for problems in any group to be democractically and openly discussed and democratized. A cyber-space to be the offical place to begin democratizing any group in human society, even groups as unofficial as users of "English Language", or "the Human Knee", but primarily for more coherant groups like specific shared houses or cities.
More than simply offering a space for democracy, it offers users new kinds of tools for this process in the hopes that it can truly take the discussion further. Not just into 'workstreams' and real-world-events, but elevating the understanding itself.

Initial plans for the project:
A) Get started on filming a promotional video for 'crowd-funding' the cost of programming this resource. (I already have a mock-up version of the site produced to illustrate the technical aspects of the work to be 'coded in')

B) Research patent law to protect the design inventions from being copyright-ed by a third, profit-based party. (which can then legally bar them from being used by everyone else, theoretically. The patents on software are as unclear and uncertain as it gets. These features might not even be patent-able until they are translated into specific codes in specific software programs)

C) Develop some kind of non-profit organization to be the site's bank account, for the crowd-funding, and donation money after launch. Preferably a 501(c)3 or similar charity status non-profit. Preliminary research suggests it may be possible to file under an "umbrella nonprofit", which sounds a lot more efficient. The nonprofit aspect of this site is really just a bank account with special legal status.