Ray Still 11/20/2013

I know that I missed last weeks activity report, so I will do my best to summarize the past two weeks.

Hands On Journalism: I have finished, and sent to print, my article that analyzed Evergreen's sexual misconduct policy and due process. I have really wanted to do an article for this, because I believe that many people will not report sexual misconducts to the school because they don't know what the system is like. I hope that my article is written well enough, and plainly enough, to encourage people to step forward.

Our next project is to study the Dead Prez riots and SDS occupation of college offices back in 2008. These are an intregal part of the college's history, but a lot of information has been lost, or is only half-accurate. I hope that these two articles will educate the commiunity about this history that Evergreen has, to give them a better picture of what sort of college Evergreen is.

We sent to print our 5th issue of the year (woo!), and so far, we are running into the problem of to much content, instead of not enough. Each issue has had at least one article submission from the Evergreen community not on staff, and we have had several art and comic submissions - I cannot tell you how amazing this is, after the struggle we had last year trying to get the community to contribute.

Home Office: I have drafted a modified Robert's Rules of Order for CIRAL (titled CIRAL's Rules of Order) to help give some structure to the class. I have also taken a look at how we can change the fresh sheet and the mintues, to be a little less redundant. Phino had an awesome idea, to combine the mintues and the fresh sheet, so I will look into that.


I think that's all, folks!