Ray Still 11/6/2013

Through CIRAL's cluster-makeing process, I was able to re-examine my Hands-On Journalism project, and really flush out what the cluster should be doing.

One of the core projects is to combine the CPJ with CIRAL, so staff members have the opprotunity to get credit. Because of this, there is a lot more I feel like I can share with what I have done, because we have done so much work over the psat six weeks, most of it involving internal organization and production of the paper.

From the beginning of the yearr, Cassie, Issac, Patrick, and myself (the CPJ senior staff, and my teammates) have:

- Published 4 issues of the paper, all by deadline, with 12 pages of content each.

- We have explored controversial and time-sensitive topics such as the Rachel Corrie Memorial, the government shutdown, and how Evergreen composts waste.

- We have started to simplify some of the "official" documents that we have, including position descriptions (so far, we've shortened three down to a reasonable size), to cut through red tape

- We have re-organized the CPJ staff structure to better represent the college and our goals for the paper.

- We have successfully hired more than twice the number of staff we had in the previous year through more outreach.

- We have started to reach out to writing groups on campus, and have seen significant increases in writing submissions to the paper since last year.

- My individual work for the cluster has involved finishing FIRE's Guide To Free Speech On Campus and starting to research TESC's process for sexual assault cases, to be written as an article for the paper.

Additionally, I have worked with Home Office to research and present Robert's Rules of Order to the program, so everyone can be familiar with the processes we will use in the coming weeks.