Week 3

  • Confirmed a group trip with Green Hill staff to assist the Native American Culture Group with making and firing clay pots for April Pow Wow event. Awaiting specific date and time.
  • Set up Capitol Classroom with Green Hill United Youth Council for weekly video chat with lobbyist to advocate to pass a legislative bill of youth's choosing (likely regarding a soon-to-be-introduced juvenile record sealing bill). First session on Monday January 26th at 11:45amhttp://www.teachwithtvw.org/capitol-classroom/
  • Contacted Sustainability in Prisons Project for a date to meet about formalizing a partnership between Green Hill and SPP - this would be first time SPP worked with juveniles. Scheduled for Wednesday February 4th at 2pm.
  • Set up Twitter account for CIRAL: @theCIRAL. @CIRAL has been taken already, however the account looks inactive - I filed an impersonation report to claim the @CIRAL account; it is going to take some effort to prove the case, but it should be doable.