Week 3 Activity Report

Food Systems
I read half of a book called Agricultural Urbanism.
I met with Laurel at the CCBLA office to discuss internship possibilities at farms in Olympia.
I wrote the Food Systems Fresh Sheet section

Home Office
I have been working with John to locate all of CIRAL's web resources and catalogue them into a concise report. We hope this leads to a more coordinated effort for managing CIRAL's web presence.
We are working on a quarterly plan for Home Office and will be discussing that at our next meeting.
I created a Google Doc for the Fresh Sheet and sent two messages to the Fresh Sheet Liaisons.

Evergreen Revival
I attended the Evergreen Revival and discussed projects related to Food Systems and the Revival. Dante and I read through an old scrapbook from an Evergreen student organization that was active in the 1990's.

I read the first part of A Pattern Language. I also read the Wikipedia articles on Design pattern (computer science), Ant-Patterns, and AntiPattern. I feel that I am finally gaining an understanding of what a pattern language is.