So this week I went ahead and finalized the dimensions of the the Game assessment. I am currently formalizing the definitions and examples. The plan is to (after they get it working) use the database averager to plot a series of assessments to see if there is a pattern that can be found.

In pattern language news.... I have basically finalized my Pattern Language on Self and Personalization. From the field trip over the weekend I have begun another process of creating a Pattern around "Shared Group Trust" - this thought is taken from the conversation had at "Traditions." The trust required to give a group the keys to your business for after hours events intruiged me. This trust is not for just an individual... it is for the group as a whole.. .should any one of them break this trust by stealing and or damaging something, the group will suffer. Therefore it is civically intelligent for each idividual of the group to uphold the trust bestowed upon their team/organization/committee... etc. This concept applies on grander scales and bleeds into the concepts of social and political capital- from group and organizational stand-points.

Going forward..   The rest of this week will be dedicated to my other class...  this will be the last weekend classes that I have... so that means... Self eval, group projects due, portfolios and all of that....  I am in charge of the presentation for my group as well...I am confident on where we are with the groups in this class. and will be jotting my quick thoughts about things pretaining to this class down... but main focus will be the other class.

THe bright side... after this up coming weekend..... the rest of the quarter will be exclusively dedicated to this class.

I'll stop here.