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Beyond Community Networks From local to global, from participation to deliberation Articles
City Club of Philadelphia, Civic Intelligence Symposium Articles
Creating the World Citizen Parliament Articles
Cultivating Society's Civic Intelligence: Patterns for a New "World Brain" Articles
Empowering Limitations Articles
how-we-may-think-schuler-version Articles
i-still-think-we-had-it-right-draft Articles
Instructions for Pattern Translations Articles
Neither an Optimist nor a Pessimist Be // It's Time to Work for a Better Internet Articles
Pattern Languages as Critical Enablers of Civic Intelligence Articles
Pattern-Languages-for-Public-Problem-Solving Articles
PUARL.Pattern-Languages-for-Public-Problem-Solving Articles
steering-or-sleepwalking Articles
Towards a New Public Infrastructure — preprint Articles
anti-patterns-visualization-draft Other
CIRAL Handbook Other
Civic Intelligence Research Action Laboratory Proposal Other
Civic Intelligence Capacities (graphic) Other
Civic Intelligence Capacities (graphic) — Espanol Other
Critical Enablers of Civic Intelligence Other
Durango-Declarations Other
e-Liberate poster from NCDD conference Other
eLiberate Admin Guide Other
Enablers of Civic Intelligence Other
free-the-patterns Other
Poster on Civic Intelligence and CIRAL for Collective Intelligence 2016, NYC Other
Quick and Dirty Guide to the eLiberate Admin System Other
Short Introduction to SeeMe Other
Back for Pattern Cards Pattern cards
AllLiberatingVoicesPatternCards Pattern cards
Anti-pattern card deck.version-1. Low res Pattern cards
full-lv-pattern-deck-chinese-reduced Pattern cards
LV Pattern Cards 1-4 in Arabic Pattern cards
LV Pattern Cards 5-8 in Arabic Pattern cards
LV Pattern Cards 9-12 in Arabic Pattern cards
Spanish language Liberating Voices pattern card texts Pattern cards
Voces liberadoras de patrones en español Pattern cards
Blank Session plan to be completed Pattern worksheets
Evergreen College Practicum - Scenario to Action Plan Pattern worksheets
Evergreen College Practicum - Single and Multiple Scenarios Pattern worksheets
Group Scenario Template, Action Plan Pattern worksheets
Group Scenario Template, Plotting Guide Pattern worksheets
Pocket Patterns Pattern worksheets
Sample Session plan from Evergreen College Practicums Pattern worksheets
Pattern Workshops and Pattern Games Preprints
Dr. Faustus in the 21st Century Preprints
Online Deliberation and Civic Intelligence Preprints
Pattern Languages for Public Problem-Solving Preprints
Pieces of Civic Intelligence: Towards a Capacities Framework (preprint) Preprints
Preprint of Extending Engagement Strategies for Promoting Online Deliberation with the Leeds Declaration Preprints
Smart Cities + Smart Citizens = Civic Intelligence? Preprints
Surprising Power ~~ Anti-patterns paper for 2013 PUARL Conference Preprints
A Pattern Language for Better Health Reports
anti patterns: creating and perpetuating social dominance Reports
Class Scenario Pattern Distribution Reports
Evergreen College Practicum - Patterns Plotted by Scenario Reports
Evergreen Veteran Outreach Project Reports
Minutes Reports
nii_policy.pdf Reports
pattern-language-intro-unam Reports
Patterns and Themes by Scenario Reports
Patterns for the Impending Emergency Reports
social-responsibility-and-sigs Reports