Worldwide Public ICT Policy Data Sheet

This data sheet is intended to help consolidate information on national public ICT projects. It can also be used to show regional ICT policy projects within a country.

Note to contributors: Although we ask you to make every effort to provide accurate information, you don't have to be an official government representative to post information related to ICT policy here. Note also that you can begin a form, save it, and edit in the future. In other words, you don't have to post exhaustive information initially and you can update information in the future.

Note to readers: This information is not official government information. Please check with official sources (presumably listed on the data sheets) for official versions.

The name of the person contributing this information.

The country that is being reported on.

The official name of the policy -- something that could be searched for to find information about the policy.

A URL for the policy verbiage or official description itself.

Describe the policy. What are the objectives? How does it go about making them happen?

Describe the status of the policy. Has the government begun implementing it? Where and to what degree?

Add any information or questions that you have in relation to this policy.