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Douglas Schuler
Public Sphere Project
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Cuando la gente de la comunidad identifica los indicadores que son importantes para ellos,tienden más a llevar un significado personal y funcional que cuando los cientficos sociales identifican construcciones que son significativas únicamente para una comunidad académica. El verdadero trabajo comienza una vez que los indicadores han sido identificados. Los indicadores deben ser medidos,discutidos,y publicados. En última instancia,pueden ser utilizados para desarrollar políticas y proyectos que se ocupen de ellos.

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Vital Signs – An educational citizen science project

From their web site:

"Vital Signs 2.0 (VS) is an educational citizen science project consisting of an extensive Drupal website created by Image Works in Portland, Maine for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) and funded by the Hewlett Foundation and a generous in-kind donation of services by Image Works.

The VS project provides students, teachers, scientists, and citizen scientists with the tools to monitor environmental conditions throughout Maine. The project includes a structured central data repository, tools and protocols for identifying, mapping, tracking and analyzing the occurrence and spread of invasive species into and around the state. Beginning in fall 2009, these resources and supporting programs are being utilized on the laptop computers provided to all Maine middle school students and will be made available to all interested parties starting early 2010.

The project's site is composed of 13 original custom Drupal modules, approximately 2 dozen Drupal core modules, more than 40 contributed modules, Google Maps and other web services. In order to give back to the community that made this project possible, we are releasing the full source code for the website under the GPL license and adding it to the project repository.


Vital Signs targets and encourages participation from three primary groups of users: 7th & 8th Grade students in Maine, individuals with an interest in studying, monitoring and preventing the spread of invasive species, and research scientists studying invasive species."

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