Deliberación en línea

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Matt Powell
The Evergreen State College
Douglas Schuler
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Las discusiones de grupo con frecuencia están plagadas de conflictos personales y rivalidades. Además,sin estructura,las discusiones pueden llegar a ser aleatorias y vagas,o a ser dominadas por individuos poderosos. Para superar estos problemas,se han creado reglas sistemáticas para facilitar reuniones que fomenten decisiones justas. Ahora es el
momento de desarrollar sistemas de deliberación en línea que apoyen reuniones deliberativas eficaces cuando reunirse personalmente resulte difcil o costoso.

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People working together to conduct business as a group are often plagued by the clash of personalities and shifting rivalries within the group. Also, without structure, a discussion can become random and rambling. And it can be dominated by powerful individuals. Other factors, such as distance to the meeting, inconvenient scheduling, or costs of getting to the meeting can obstruct effective and inclusive participation. To overcome the unpredictability of informal human interaction, systematic rules have been created to facilitate purposeful group meetings and encourage collective decisions. It's time to develop Online Deliberation applications that provide organizations with the technology they need to conduct effective deliberative meetings when members can't easily get together in-person. Ideally the tools would increase their effectiveness while requiring less time and money to conduct the meetings.