How to Survive Once the Government Funds Run Out

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adrian bates

Governments around the world provide lots and lots of seed funding to worthwhile community development and networking projects which start in a blaze of glory but then without any further government funds or ideas on how to survive once the funds run out, then tend to wither and die.
Government in the meanwhile has gone on to fund other community networking projects which follow a similar life cycle.
This live and die scenario for community networking projects does not allow them to achieve the true potential of thier vision and ideals.


How to enable community networking projects to survive and prosper once the government funding runs out.
Discussion on alternate funding opportunites, projects networking together, formation of new ICT peak bodies to represent diverse community organistions working with the Internet and computers in community development for the first time.


The creation of an entity in Victoria, Australia, called the Association Cooperative Inc ( SNAC, formed by projects for projects, with the aim of promoting and facilitating best practice in the use of Information and Communication Technology in community development.
SNAC is an independent, non-profit organisation, which has received an establishment grant from the Victorian State Government and in-kind support from VICNET.
It is still very early days but hopefully SNAC can be a model for other similar entities to be formed around the world, bringing together community agencies using ICT for community development.

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