Hip Hop Tutorial (Copyright protected)

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Robin Chandler
Northeastern University

Increasing literacy and research skills among middle and high school-age youth and children targeting youth of color;
digital divide; innovative content


Traditional classrooms, after school programs


Go to web site of artist-sociologist, Robin Chandler at:

and tunnel to "Hip Hop Tutorial" for more information.

Project sponsored since 200 under NSF grant to IAAeC(Insttitute for African-American e-Culture):
"New Approaches to Human Capital Development Through Information Technology Research"

Debut in Houston Public Schools in October 2001.

Hip-Hop Tutorial Reader (training manual) available Februaru 2002
in-school / after school workshops/training available.


This is a product. Hip-Hop Tutorial, a training manual and reader for teachers and those
who are interested in impacting youth with cultural content and IT

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