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Five sided tiles don't lie flat, as I read Roger Penrose, so sub quark triplets making up an electron, cascading each to further triplets down in one "K" level "cosmodium" [Hans Dehmelt, Science, 2feb1990, pp 539-541], and "Predicted abundances of helium 4, helium 3, deuterium, and lithium 7, in the big-bang model of the universe ... closely agree with the obsered abundances ....". [From Quarks to the Cosmos, Tools of Discovery by Leon M. Lederman, David N. Schramm, Scientifc American Library, New York 1989.] might be predicted in classroom by cutting out of paper sheets linear triplets as equal-lateral tile patterns, done as classroom excise, can be folded to make three dimensional shapes. Connection to fuzzy, uncertain fuzzy band of abstract equilibrium entering and leaving two dimesional black hole environment "anyons", flat triplets in rings, bands or other in equilibrium, report back when I try this out with paper cut outs. rm

29feb02: I'm guessing that the photons are contained within the innermost tube, squeezed by an electon tiled-tube which are in turn squeezed by the "nuclear" tiles. Maybe separated in turn with some other wave like substance. Anyway, the notion of this tiling system has some imaginative power. Makes reading the literature on the subject more engaging. Are photons waves on gravity threads?


Trying out with folding equal-lateral triangles drawn out into strips on an 8.5 by 11 inch paper. Seven equalterial triangles make a heptiamonds [See "Tilings and Patterns by Branko Grunbaum, G.C. Shepard, Freeman and Co, New York (1987)], this suggests Lithium (atomic wieght seven) was favored by the many ways to form from a flat shape with seven triangular tiles on a flat surface as leaving the "black hole" and from seven random in four dimensional space triangular tiles and entering into the blackhole fuzzy equilibrium, this needs some thought and calculations.

29feb02:Try taking a strip of paper, a roll of paper tape, and fold it across itself into equal lateral triangles. Then solid shapes, I used clear sticky tape to do this.
Stopped when I got a four legged "dragon". Get the kids started.


Imagine an equilibrium place, equalateral triangular tiles (anyons?) a tube of them, from near flat to some minimumal size, one side entering the "black hole", atoms reduced to their quark and gluon states, first the triplet subquark electons,and within the center of this electron tiled tube, the photons, photons and electrons in equilibrium for purposes of balancing forces, time is reversable, into the black hole flat surface horizon, ... back to the books, articles, more thought.

Graviton? Do they exist? Why not all masses connected to each other throughout the universe by 11 or 23 dimensional threads, try a tube decreasing its diameter as you stretch it out, the same inverse quare law of Newton's gravational equations. Back to the books.

These are visual patterns, cuturally transmittable, maybe clarifying the nature of the universe from where I type. Best, rm

29feb02: Science News last week or so ago showed a model of dark matter lines holding the galaxies. This notion makes sense with gravity threads, dark matter holding up the "universe". The controdictions in models of the universe become apparent when I struggle to get the linearly expressed language to make conversational (physics) sense.

17jun02: More Science News, computer modeling of initial singular expansion comparing telescope observed early universe radiations, molecular hydrogen transmitts "heat", ionized hydrogen more so, these entities drawn together (gravity strings or exchanging gravitons?) when cooler, "boiling" down into sufficient densities and velocities to fuse into heavier nuclear matter, expanding again, until the elements from which we are composed were created. These computer models, the notions they convey, might become somewhat comprehensible with folding paper tiles(?).

15feb2003: http://map.gsfc.nasa.gov/m_mm.html

try this link to NASA recent one million mile out probe to measure the radiation about 350Kyears after the "big bang". See reference 1:Hans Dehmelt, "Experiements on the Structure of an Individual elementary Partilce", Science, 2February 1990 pages 539-541. Can "uncertainity" be added to the triplet "cosmonium" atom, then have each of the "sub quark" like element of the initial triplet expand into threes so on down to the kth level of today, the random "noise" giving what is "seen" at 350K yrs? Easy to ask such questions, NASA has done beautify job, their link showing the production of the light elements

should be compared with refences below.

21mar2003: From Cleveland Public Library. G-strings, gravity strings, a new twist.

Yesterday left this reply at first google.com hit for << "gravity strings" graviton>>:


Dimulth (spelling?), nobel prize winner (about ten years ago-Science) for oscillating a positron at about 60 megacycles in a magnetic field and vacummn for a month to measure the gyromagnetic ratio out to 16 places and conclued the electron itself is a triplet with each 1/3 charge subquark having an energy ten billion times what we sense from the triplet, mater and anti-matter, etc, originating from a cosmonuium triplet, each 1/3 itself dividing into thirds, and so forth to today's sense of touch, like the keys I typing on now. Mind blowing, not a well appreciated idea, but very powerful.)

Now, consider that a photon emitted from a local electron dropping from an outer orbit to an inner causes a g-string connected to some where, another mass outside (where it is likely to end up) causes the g-string to loop and launch at speed of light (locally) at right angles to the g-string (think of the Bohr atom model) so as to give the observed emmission frequency.

The Maxwell electro-magnetic equations can be viewed as still working, a kind of "ether" as Maxwell himself envisioned, but using the g-strings (maybe some ten to the 58th power of them from each i-th level, where the observer is,to connected all masses we can observe and more). This is an exciting idea.

Working on this visually, the mathematics is difficult (beyond my abilities), so I concentrate on the linear verbal (like you) and visual models. This is fun, it's got some neat references, contact me for more, best on your efforts. roger muldavin>>

If you have gotten through this verbal visual description, there is a lot of work to do to check the idea out. Interesting since the graviton "particle" has not been found and further checking of NASA's great work with near 350 K years from iniitial expansion computer modeling. The idea that there are these very large numbers of "invisible" g-strings connecting each "fundamental" mass may seem beyond comprehension or individual measurement is not worth thinking about, it appeals to me as no less comprehensible than the apparent misunderstanding about the speed of light being a constant. I keep reminding myself that Einstien appears to be sticking to the observer's frame of reference.

What's going on outside our "laboratory", test bench, is an informed guess.Especially NASA's comments about the expanding shell that keeps the photon energy contained, this makes the triplets as triangles attractive, at some radius letting the photons escape, and for smaller radii, maybe with photons as "vibrating" g-strings in some other resonating form.

This Cleveland Public Library is a great place (where I hang out for a break while my wife, Jean, is recovering from her second hip transplant-we leave for back home tommorrow), so many diverse people using almost every one of the internet computers on the many buildings and floors, a university for the people. More later.


classroom models, hands on.

22Novo2: Science News, Scientific Amrican, New York Times, many working on these observations of outerspace, the dark matter is apparently there. This is fun, there's plenty to learn. Next? Is there a time machine? Yes, it's us humans around which cutures change. For that, inner space. Best, roger m.


Intersecting g-strings and gamma-functions & networking universes.

dear reader,

Speaking of patterns,

Just read Lee Smolin "Atoms of Space and Time", Scientific American, January 2004, p.66-75.

Especially his page 74 graphics "An Experimental Test", a "Discrete spacetime" network on page of small dots with a single lines drawn to adjecent nodes, forming tiles, that might as well be all triangles, triplets, but some triplet tiles are not connected, or maybe "melded" with adjoing triplets giving "polygons" with four to six sides. Yes, thanks again to Roger Penrose and others in "tile math", and to Nobel Prize winner Diehmult (sp) that electrons are flat triplets.

Smolin experimental suggestion for testing the assertion that higher frequencies of gamma pulses (blue greater than red) may be different in time to arriving here at our instruments on earth (or "our" extensions via satilites) is needing a test.

Ok, Albert Einstein used math and his talents to local events to get a double deflection of the light from a distant star, one that passes behind our sun.

Results: Twice the Newtonian defelection.

So start our model on the Newtonian sphere with gravity strings radiating out as maybe some central "point".

So what is needed here is a dynamic network (as Lee Smolin states) maybe feedback (local) assumed by we observers at the laboratory table, here at earth, an assumption operating at the "percieved" place and time of the "object" being "tracked".

It appears to me that many writers recognize this. The recent PBS two hour or more presentation on string theory "The Elegant Universe" with author Greene as tour guide shows graphics, a net going into screen, a central sphere, the net sinks when the larger central sphere drops. But, one graphics show the strings of the net going into the screen pulsing, there is color to this, and my reaction to seein this was this: why not the g-strings running and between spheres?

Through "feedback" mathematics, my engineering training tells to me, another dimension is added to the input (here along the g-string) to the "output" at some minimal time later. Thus from linear to second order curves, the conics of classical intersecting lines rotating to make two comes, and planes intersecting, tracing out on the flat projections, the shadows, of the curves. So we have less variables, but that's less confusing for as long a you can afford the lack of a way to make the physics conversational.

The energy traveling along as the pulsed gamma, along a g-string, we've got a choice, (1) something "hammers" inside some mass on the a very fine g-string end, a "compression" pluse travels down, you guess it'd , speed of light?, or (2) the gamma pulse, let's save a lot of power requirements, and somehow "wag" or cycle the g-string (apologies to Sigmund Freud and the Viennia Circle discussions), with

(A) music: start with the peg on the rotating wheel, the shadow on the wall from the flickering light, Or, here's the one I'm pushing now,

(B) the mathematical "gamma function" (g-f), it's neat aspect is that the slope of it's curve is the same shape as the curve itself.

For a g-f, as has been reported maybe two years ago, "we" can get the shape of the g-f as soon as it is detectable after being directed into (input) a near "absolute zero temperature" metal, a Boise-Einstien (B-E) region, out of the other end (output).

This gives the input shape at the output before it peaks upon entry into the input, this has some nice features:

g-f into B-E gives information before energy peaks. These must be related to knowledge of the peak and "noise" and or "uncertainity".

Connect this to Steven's Hawkin's reported work shows mass glancing by black holes that radiate "temperature" black body radition proportional to the mass of the black hole. The black hole flat area in ratio to the blackbody radiation temperature gives the mass (?).

My quess?: the space network has nodes that may adjust to the "stress" along the intesecting net so as to reduce the stresses, in a way, the distortions in the space-time networkd might be seen as the transfer of the energy. This gives some time to do some drawing in my notebook.

Even if the explaination is misguided, some web feedback might give "healing" networks a chance, just like peace deserved a chance.

best in new fears that heal, roger m

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