Community VPN Portals

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Alan Levy
Asociacion para el Desarrollo de Internet, S.C.

Failure to properly define the constituent components of IP communications causes misdirection of resources, allowing incumbent ICT enterprises to delay and degrade efforts for universal access.


A medium bandwidth wireless network is sufficient to provide low-cost IP communications. The Internet is required to host more than six distinct webs. Insufficient investment is in many cases far less relevent than is political will.


Politics allows communications to be treated as a vertical supply-chain, although it is the most universal of all man's endeavors, more so than religion. Communications is horizontal and cannot effectively be maintained through hierarchal oligarchic control without causing an information access divide, as opposed to an infrastructure access divide, and establishing future need for severe government intervention.


Organizing currently available resources from sectors throughout society, through development of a non-profit public/private partnership Internet infrastructure initiative, is often sufficient for creating a sustainable network and applications platform, and capable to provide the necessary community-wide impetus for participation.

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