Same Answer Pattern

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Isaac Dockter
The Evergreen State College

Create the same answer among disparate groups of people.


You want to change a person's answer so they are in agreement with you so you can work toward the same goal.


I'm walking down the street and I meet someone who I have a discussion with. They make a statement, with which I totally disagree. I have had this same discussion in a completely different place with a different person who made this same statement. I ask myself, where and how do different people come to have the same statement to which I disagree. I could attempt to change each person’s mind individually. A better plan would be if I could find the common source of the information for these individuals. If I identified the channel for the information and changed the information going through the channel my task would be made easier.


Identify channels of information for change, such as, classrooms, churches, T.V. and radio stations and Internet channels inputting information for change into these channels.

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