Building a Cyber Center with Community Art

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Christopher Drew
Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center

Artists are in high percentage under-employed, under appreciated, under promoted, isolated and generally oppressed in a society that claims to be a democracy. A democracy can only function well when individual self expression is encouraged. A society's artists have much to do with individual self-expression. Artists are our society's leaders in self-expression. We set the example. When we are oppressed - self-expression is discouraged and self-censorship is encouraged. When we are oppressed - conformity is the law.


How can we make the use of the Internet practical for grass-roots artists to include this important social force in the growth of a global community?


To build a popular web site authored by non-technical artists living on the economic edge using community art organized by a grass-root community arts institution to enable local artists to help create and participate in a global arts community organized and operated not to support the whims and aesthetic desires of a wealthy elite but to foster and promote the creativity of the many.

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