Users IT quality centre

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Aake Walldius
Yngve Sundblad

Employees have a very limited negotiating power as isolated individuals against hardware and software suppliers. The lack of media channels for expression of user preferences further weakens negotiating power in domains where independent measurement and critique is hard to access.


Popular movements that work systematically on many levels to strengthen members
in their role as customers and end-users of IT tools and services.


TCO Development AB
Krav Kontroll AB
Users' Award AB

In the case of the Users' Award network, the quality centre was formed, first as a research project, initiated by the blue collor trade union central LO (Landsorganisationen), then as a non-profit development company, fully owned by the LO. The centre invites all interested members to participate in the UsersAward network by nominating their favourite service to the yearly IT Prize contest, by taking part in quality conferences, and by answering questions in webbased national satisfaction surveys. The Users' Award development company is also the issuing party of the Users Certified 2002 certificate.
- Local work-groups complain
- local union or professional association articulate and shape demand
- regional and national bodies debate, initiate research, and articulate policies
- local, regional, national, and international bodies take contacts and form alliances

From APL (1):
Network of learning, University as marketplace, Self-governing
workshops and offices.

From this proposed language, Users' IT quality network (92) :
IT quality survey (101), Users' IT prize contest (382),
IT quality conference (383), Users' IT quality certification (384).


Initiate, join, or support activities in local, national, and international professional or union
organisations where shared user needs are articulated, discussed, and promoted
through membership events, research, media coverage, and policy formation.

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