Technology Induced Separation from Self Empowerment

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Alan Reed
Eleemosynary @ Holisys

The more emphasis we place outside of ourselves, through technology or a hundred other "authorities" we give our power, the LESS evolved we become, the more separated from people and nature we become, and the more easily we accept the present abuses to our civil rights and the environment.


A globally distributed network architecture using the internet as a stepping stone and a stepping off point from technology and institutional oligarchy. Remembering names, dates and places (our present educational schema) without context leads to a dumbing down of the masses.


The discussion will bring forward the science to prove what the mystics have said all along. That separation is an illusion, and that the more we move into that illusion, the more depression, disillusionment, disease and dying off we will create.

We are at an event horizon not dissimiliar to where we were at 500 years ago when all the best minds of science and religion knew the world to be flat and the Sun to revolve around it.

Today, we are shifting from external technology born of duality perceptual consciousness to the integration of technology as a servant of spirit.


That information will be given at the presentation. A global virtual/physical educational infrastructure bringing forward the necessary perceptual shift in the presentedly held misinterpretations of much of humanity as to "Reality".

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