Group to Group Collaboration Over Distance

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Randy Groves

The need for fully functional communication between groups has always been important. As issues become more global in nature, it becomes more critical that resources exist to enhance communication between groups, especially over distance.


Whenever groups must communicate over distance.


Planning, negotiation, analysis, discussion - all these are most effective when the participants are in close proximity and can fully appreciate the nuances of gesture, facial expression, tone of voice. In this age where organizations are dispersed to many parts of the globe, and local actions have global effect, there is an increasing need to be able to have a virtual space where groups can meet and communicate. In this time, understanding the full meaning of the communication is more critical than ever.

Electronic mail has increased the speed at which groups can communicate. The telephone is useful up to a point, but much information is lost. Present video conferencing systems allow group to group communication, but full group interaction is limited.

Creating virtual spaces where communication is closer to the natural interaction that occurs when people are in the same physical room will foster fuller understanding and deeper collaboration.


Utilizing existing techology, virtual spaces can be created that allow multiple groups to communicate in a way that more closely resembles the interaction that occurs in a face to face event. There are hurdles, however, to widespread application of this technology.

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