Using Internet to develop learning environments 2

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Miguel Angel Perez Alvarez
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Many schools administrators, politicians, teachers and technology specialists, planning to use and actually use the Internet web pages in the schools enviroment only like a huge library or like a bulletin board. But to prepare our people to get alternatives to sustainable development, we need use the net resources to organize learning environments. How students can develop reasoning and scientific skills in the Internet?


Become skillful developing learning environments with ITCs let education experts, teachers, school administrators, rural isolated communities to build new ways and resources to live with stronger development sustainable models. A pedagogical focus in designing learning enviroments who use technology implies overcome the vision of learning only like a information consumption. In many countries of the south gov. policies are oriented only to introduce technology for information consumption and not to prepare people to produce new knowledge or to create new social links to overcome collaboratively unerdevelopment.


Many specialists, administrators and teachers use the net in all the educational system in the same way that the educational action works now: as an information source. They see students only like information consumers, but to get young people become creative and productive and new solutions producers, we need to give them the opportunity to produce knowledge and not only to consume information. But we need to reflect about the new way to see the educational action as a mission to organize the room to construct new knowledge and to build ourselves like person who are building their own intelectual and reasoning categories.We propose create pedagogical tools who let people live in learning enviroments designed to use technology to learn (reasoning skills) and to build knowledge. ITCs could be used to get our people become knowledge producers.


We must use the Internet to create learning spaces where the students, develop web sites to multilink pages, then develop skills and learn how create new knowledge bases or "rizomatic structures", learn to work in collaborative communities and discover themselves like builders of their own knowledge.

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