Developmental Commons

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Lynnwood Brown

A major limiting factor to innovation for community development is the lack of linkage between the key stakeholder groups and resources needed to take an idea from it's first inception through to successful implementation. How do we create a context in which all the players can come together in an organized way without compromising each parties sense of autonomy and independence?


to be filled out later. I just wanted to set up the pattern for now.


Create a framework for realizing individual & shared aspirations which we will call a "developmental commons".
A developmental commons is a set of agreements and services that:
• furthers the interests of all stakeholders, collectively and individually;
• in order to function or exist at all, must be universally accessible and not owned or controlled exclusively by any one party;
• is distributed throughout a network of inter-dependent parties;
• does not force but maximizes opportunities for participation.

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