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Paul Reinhart
Paul Reinhart

Despite the interactive and information aggregation powers of the internet corporations still predominantly make products and “top down” market them to consumers. This is inefficient and unsustainable.


In the early development of commercial products and services there was a very direct connection between purveyors and consumers. As a result of this products were built for specialized needs. The cart maker made a cart that met the real needs of the buyer.


Historically the evolution of commercial activity has increasingly moved toward increased distance from understanding the needs of individual consumers and toward a top down marketing driven approach to support the mass production basis of industry.
In the main this continues today despite the concepts of “mass customization”, “1:1” relationships and the like.


Use the power of global networked communications to aggregate information in such a way that markets for sustainable products can be quantified and consumer preferences for mass market products can intersect the marketing / production cycle.

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