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Paul Reinhart
Paul Reinhart

Corporations and politicians are removed from direct responsibility and the cumulative effects of their policies and practices. Consumers have a difficult time easily tracking overall performance of these entities in regard to key metrics that they are concerned about.
As a result there is a tendency for corporations and politicians to make decisions that are in their immediate self-interest.


Early in social development it was very clear who was responsible for what. Tribes and small villages were closely connected. Individuals gained reputations based on their actions not their rhetoric. Accountability was apparent.


Over time there has developed a split between marketed rhetoric and actual deeds. Politicians make election promises and broadcast their desired “brand” then when elected go about the “practical business” of getting things. The constituents seldom have time to monitor their follow through.
Companies develop their “brand” but it is difficult for consumers to see if it is really the “core promise” of the company or merely a tactical “brand execution”.


Use the Internet and the power of local networked communications to aggregate and re-distribute local and real time information on companies and government.

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