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Ryan Gilbert

Many unlicensed community radio organizations are unsustainable in their struggle to free the airwaves. The fundamental effort to remain broadcasting is all too often undermined by FCC intimidation and occassional raids. Many people are uncomfortable engaging in illegal broadcasting, or opening their home up to a transmitter, and backup locations are hard to find once a bust takes place. A new model is necessary for financially, structurally, and emotionally sound license-free community radio.


The Community Access Microradio Production Facility for Independent Radical Expression, or CAMPFIRE, is bridging the gap between those who wish to avoid illegal activity and those engaging in civil disobedience. This model, in conjunction with the Microradio Autonomous Zone Array (pattern #302), supports sustainable community radio production.


The CAMPFIRE is a fully functional, community-accessible radio studio. Like any radio station, the CAMPFIRE is equipped with CD players, tape decks, record players, microphones, and any number of additional audio production and playback equipment. The CAMPFIRE is also equipped with an updated computer and high speed internet access.
All content created at the CAMPFIRE is webcast. This internet feed is then relayed to FM radio via individual nodes that are established in many separate strategic locations. These nodes comprise a MAZA (pattern #302). The production facility remains a legal and established community resource, accessible to those who wish not to participate in civil disobedience broadcasting.
The CAMPFIRE, as a strictly webcasting facility, holds no liability for illegal FM broadcasting. While participants in the CAMPFIRE are ideally aware of the FM relay of their webcast, their activities are fully legal. The separation of content production and distribution allows a broad spectrum of community to be involved.
The CAMPFIRE dj schedule is open to the community. Ideally, programmers will represent all communities within the CAMPFIRE's region. These programmers will provide a wide spectrum of community music, views, and public affairs.


The CAMPFIRE provides a sustainable content production studio for community radio by accessing electronic civil disobedience through a legal framework.

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