Coordinated Actions

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Douglas Schuler
Public Sphere Project (CPSR)

Actions, however well-intentioned, may be ineffective. This is especially true if they're conducted in isolation. No change is likely to occur with a single action. Thus actions need to be coordinated.


In any type of campaign.


This pattern submission is a DRAFT.

Keck and Sikking talk about British and American activists working together to abolish slavery in America.

Great examples related to antiwar movement trying to stop US invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

The 6919worldwide vigils in 142 countries is a momentous achivement for civil society worldwide.

The February 15th demonstations worldwide is another very important example.

We need to talk about the different types of ways that events can be coordinated and how they can coordinated.


People who are undertaking social projects must devote some time to thinking about how other actions should be coordinated. This can mean coordinated sequentially -- one thing leads to another -- or simultaneously -- as in the March 16th vigils for peace. They can be coordinated across sectors -- such as social protest leading to policy change.

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