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Douglas Schuler
Public Sphere Project (CPSR)

Research by User Interface Engineering, Inc., shows that people cannot find the information they seek on Web sites about 60% of the time. This can lead to wasted time, reduced productivity, increased frustration, and loss of repeat visits and money. (quoted from usability web site below).


Usability generally pertains to electronic environments -- but it has implications for other information resources.


The National Cancer Institute has developed usability resources including Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines.

This is related to the Barriers that Must Be Overcome for Effective Use of Digital Resources pattern submisson by Joan Durrance.

This is yet another incomplete pattern. I'm waiting for a usability specialist -- or more time -- to help finish this pattern.


Designers and developers of electronic (and other) information and communication services and resources need to seriously consider usability guidelines. These are useful for everybody, but especially for those people who may have disabilities of one kind or another.

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