IT Curriculum Design Pattern Language for VOSDET

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Nam Low
Mr. Vincent Chow
hkive-cw cim
Dr. MK Mak
hkive-cw cim

To cope with rapid changes in IT technologies and their impacts on the Vocation-Oriented Sub-Degree Education and Training (VOSDET).


The delivery of skill-sets, principles, knowledge, and concepts at the sub-degree (North America community college) level that can cope with the bi-quarterly changes in technologies.

2. To cope with the Government Policy on localism and globalism manpower and educational strategies as well as the influences of indentify and unidentify external stochastic processes.


Metaphorical speaking, the suggested methodology is resemble to the development of concurrent networked objects for mission critical telecommunication embedded network objects for real-time applications.

The solutions are bearing resuable, extensible, robust, and can be evolved in step-wise manner in mind.

The assumption is that the listed problem and context are not anti-patterns.

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Pattern Language Summary
The patterns in this language are grouped into five sectionslettered A through E.

Group A, Force Management Patterns; introduce the concept of forces, and the each force in details that significantly interact with each other and with the system to determine the solution.

Group B, Curriculum Creation and Modification Patterns, contains patterns describing the concrete core elements of the curriculum development and their relationship, responsibility, interaction, and collaboration.

Group C, Documentation Formation Patterns, include patterns to describe the physical structural of documents and behavior between objects.

Group D, Documents Referencing Patterns, comprise patterns to describe the correlation of documents, and capture the technique that make the change with varied degree of levels.

Group E, Document Writing Styles Patterns, consists of patterns to create additional responsibility for the document to make it easily to read, understand, and navigate.

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